My Second Gay Valentine’s Day

gay valentines daySo, this is the second year I’ve ever had a real Valentine.

I think I may have had one or two in like elementary school but come on, that didn’t really count.

And, of course, this is my second year being out and with my boyfriend.

Now, last year we had literally just met a couple weeks before Valentine’s day so something small and cute was totally ok.  I got him a little stuffed teddy bear with a heart and he got me a little book titled “I Like You” (soooo cute!).

Anyway, now that we’ve been together for a bit over a year, I feel like I have to put a little more thought into it, I suppose.

Seeing as he’s the only real valentine I’ve ever had, forgive me for being a bit lost.

Straight guys have it pretty easy.  Buy your girl some chocolates, flowers and take her to dinner and you’re set.  Maybe throw in a little extra something like some sexy underwear and you’re all good.

But gays have it a little different.  And that’s where I’m a little stumped.

I want to get my boyfriend something cute and meaningful but nothing over the top.  I don’t think getting someone anything crazy nice is necessary for Valentine’s day.  Christmas, birthdays, and meaningful anniversaries, sure, but Valentine’s day? I just don’t think you need to go over the top.

Am I wrong?

Luckily for me, my boyfriend doesn’t read this blog so I can throw out some ideas without him knowing about it :).

So, here’s what I’m thinking…

He and I both are big Sprinkles fans for special occasions.  In fact, he surprised me, buying some cupcakes last year for Valentine’s day (I told you I hadn’t done this thing before.  I didn’t even think about it).  So, I’m going to get us a couple of those.  I suppose that satisfies the whole sweet thing and I know we both like it.

Then I was thinking of going along his lines last year with the book idea.  But not getting something like “I Like You”.  That was cute for when we first met but I want to get him something a bit more meaningful.

I haven’t decided exactly what just yet but I’m thinking something more relevant to now. He’s looking to make a career change and I was thinking of getting him a book about dealing with changes in your life.

We’re both big personal development peeps so I figured that would be both cute and practical at the same time right?

And then something else.  I haven’t figured out just what yet but I thinking finding another small something would be nice.  Something more cutesy so to speak.

I think those would be good gifts.  Nothing too big and yet meaningful at the same time.

What do you think?

What are you getting for your Valentine?

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