I Swear, I Thought She Was Into Me…

I Swear, I thought She was Hitting On MeIt’s kinda funny what you do when you’re beginning to come out and come to terms with who you are.

Before I came out to my roommate, there was this girl he was dating…

Ironically, we had a ton of mutual friends, went to a lot of the same places growing up and just clicked.

Well, as she and my roommate were dating, she and I got to know eachother pretty well and eventually added eachother on facebook.

After they had broken up, a couple weeks later she messages me on facebook and the first thing that pops into my head is “crap, what am I gonna do?”

For a minute there I contemplated not responding.

I figured it might look kinda bad if I was still friends with my roommates ex, right?

Well, that didn’t happen.

I replied and we started chatting, just catching up on all the happenings of eachother’s lives.

And then we got to the topic of dating, online dating actually.

I’m not sure exactly how we got on the topic but oh well.

So she started asking me how my dating life was (and at the time, it was actually pretty good) and all that fun stuff.  I don’t remember what the exact scenario was at the time but I was definitely going on dates.

Anyway, I told her it was good, I was meeting “people” and was overall, pretty happy.

That’s when she asked me where I was meeting these people…

…and I just said online.

Now here’s where it gets kind of fun.

So… she and my roommate met on Jdate and yeah, I’m a “heeb” as I like to call it.

Anyway, she asked if that’s where I was meeting these “people” and I just told her, “uh, no”.  Then she said “that picky huh?” and that’s when my heart kind of skipped a few beats.

It may seem kind of foolish now but I swear, I thought she was hitting on me.

Call me naive but that’s what I thought.

I mean, we had so many people that we knew in common, and when she was over it seemed like we clicked more than she and my roommate did.

So I just figured she’d thought that I was into her and I didn’t want to be all awkward with my roommate.  I mean, that would just be kinda weird if I started dating his ex right?


After I read that it took me a few seconds to think about what I was going to say.  And then I finally just said something along the lines of “well, I’m gay… don’t think that’s really the place for me”.

Apparently this came as no surprise to her.

I guess my attempts to keep my gay secret didn’t work with her.  She picked me out in a heartbeat.

Maybe it was the combination of my driving a MINI Cooper and being obsessed with everything Bravo?

Who knows…

Regardless, my little secret wasn’t so secret.

Since then, we’ve actually become super good friends, going to lunch and working out together.

It’s just kinda funny how it all works out.

As much as you think being gay is a huge secret to everyone, for me, so far, it hasn’t come as a surprise to, well, anyone.


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