Coming Out To My (Hot) Spin Instructor

hot fitnessIt seems kind of silly now when I look back on everything.

Not too long ago I was absolutely convinced that I was bi and that at some point I would find some girl that would take my heart away and the whole “gay thing” would just be forgotten forever.

For some reason I thought that I just simply hadn’t found a girl that I was into yet.

You know, all those sorority girls I hung out with, all the cheerleaders in college…

Yeah, apparently none of them were up to my standards, right?

Well, when I came back home from school and started working out at this new gym, I fell in love with indoor cycling.

I’m a bit of a fitness nut and this class was right up my ally.  Super intense (depending on the class) and super motivating.

What was even more motivating was the instructor.

She’s an absolute bomb shell.

Hot blond girl with a killer body and could kick my ass.

And, to top it all off she has an amazing personality.  Such a fun girl to hang out with and talk to.

So, you’d think that was the one for me, right?

I did too…

Mind you, I still thought I was bi at the time so I decided to see where I could take this.

So, I got her number and we chatted all the time.  Had fun flirting with each other and just well, being fun.

After a few months of this (and trying to convince my friends that I was into her and gonna date her) the topic of dating finally came up.

I don’t even remember how exactly it happened but somehow, we were texting and the topic of me dating came up.

Maybe Valentine’s Day was coming up… I don’t remember.

Anyway, somehow it came up that I was dating someone and she said something along the lines of “oh, you found a new gal?”.  And, of course, that’s when I had to tell her well, no, I like guys.

I remember after I asked her if it all made more sense now.

I mean, we had been flirting for a while, and like I said, she’s hot.  Any self respecting straight dude would’ve asked her out long ago and made a move.

After a bit, she sided with me and figured that it all made sense now.

It’s really funny looking back on the whole thing now.

Trying to convince myself that I was into her, trying to convince my friends that I was making moves on her and then trying to figure out a way to get myself to be attracted enough to her to ask her out.

But in the end, the conclusion was all too simple.

Sorry chica, I like cock.

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