Monthly Archive:: February 2013

I Can’t Change, Even If I Wanted To…

It’s interesting. Gay rights becoming an issue that is so dividing of political parties. We hear people of the Christian faith using the bible (a 3500 year old book they try and interpret) to defend their thoughts

I Swear, I Thought She Was Into Me…

It’s kinda funny what you do when you’re beginning to come out and come to terms with who you are. Before I came out to my roommate, there was this girl he was dating… Ironically, we had

Gay Couples Photos

Oscar Raymundo of Confessions of a Boy Toy has put together a compilation of photos that he’s gathered.  They’re some great photos showing some true love between two men. I don’t know about you but no matter

So God Made a Gay Man

I came across this and posted this to my tweeps yesterday but it’s so good, I want it to get as much coverage as possible. This video is touching, and just well, awesome. Check it out If

My Second Gay Valentine’s Day

So, this is the second year I’ve ever had a real Valentine. I think I may have had one or two in like elementary school but come on, that didn’t really count. And, of course, this is

The First Time I Came Out

I remember it just like it was yesterday. The day that I finally came out to my best girlfriend was one of the most amazing, emotional, and relieving days of my entire life. But…I can’t even begin