Should I Be Upset?

Just the other day I talked to you about coming out to my boss.  And then I talked to you about how apparently my entire office knows that I’m gay (obviously, because of my boss). Which got

VIDEO: Literally Cried – The Cutest Gay Marriage Proposal, Via Signs.

I get that I’m a sucker for cute things, but I couldn’t help but shed some tears of joy watching this.  I just thought this was adorable. Check it out. via

And Now, The Entire Office Knows…

I talked to you about my coming out experience with my boss just the other day. And, as it turns out, it looks like that whole coming out thing spread to more than just my boss and

So, I came out to my Boss, and yeah, things have changed…

This past week I headed up to San Francisco for a business conference with a handful of my colleagues. Seeing as it was San Francisco, I guess the timing was well, perfect to reveal the gay side

Thinking of Creating a YouTube Channel

Hey Gang, I’ve been running the idea of creating a YouTube channel through my head and I’m curious as to what you guys think? While I enjoy writing here and obviously will continue to do that, I

WATCH: A Gay Flash Mob Proposal

Yes, I know flash mobs were so like 3 years ago. But, I just can’t help but share this video of an adorable guy proposing to his boyfriend via a flash mob. Now I have no idea

What It Was Like as a Gay Football Player (and the NFL)

Talk about living in a straight world… Being a gay athlete is probably one of the strongest reasons that I got into writing this blog. The reason I came up with the whole concept of writing about

So, I came out to my coworker…

For the longest time I’ve kept my personal life out of my professional life. I’m not sure if it’s just me not being super comfortable with who I am or if I’m afraid or, what… All I

“I’ve known you were gay since you were 6, and

This father deserves something pretty special. With all the fear and anxiety that comes along with coming out, especially as a teenager, to have your father be so supportive and make the process so easy is really

The First Time I Wanted To Kiss a Boy

It seems so long ago now but I can remember it like it was yesterday. Growing up as a kid I truly was typical guys’ guy. I played every single sport you could possibly imagine, was an